Statement of the Library Association of Latvia to Ukrainian librarians and citizens

Dear Ukrainian librarians!

The Library Association of Latvia and all Latvian librarians express our strongest support to you in your work and to each of you personally. In such conditions of war, our profession imposes a double responsibility on us – because we live both in a time of direct war, and information warfare and manipulation of data and human minds. It is our duty as librarians not only to stand up for freedom of expression and free access to information and knowledge, but also to ensure that people have access to reliable and verified information. Our task is not only to verify the truthfulness of the news and information by ourselves, but also to teach it to our citizens so that they do not rely on misinformation and manipulation. Your soldiers – fathers, brothers, husbands and sons – are defending your country physically. Librarians are the ones who defend the country informationally – not allowing false news to prevail. Certainly, we do not live in the world where there is only one truth anymore, but who else, if not librarians with both information and knowledge, can help the people not to be confused in this ocean of true and false news? Active action by librarians to combat misinformation and educate the citizens is now more important than ever. In this matter you have to be on the forefront. If we – Latvian librarians – can help you in the fight against disinformation, contact us, we will give you advice or other support.

Lasīt tālāk

E-book “Librarians Around the World” published

In February 2017, the New Professionals Section of the Library Association of Latvia started a project
“Librarians Around the World”. Where librarians were asked to take part in adventure and to write about themselves, their libraries, library system, education opportunities, library related organization, etc. The project has come to an end in December 2018. An e-book “Librarians Around the World” (PDF) has been published. E-book is supported by funding from the State Culture Capital Foundation (Latvia).

Lasīt tālāk

Statement of Librarians of Baltic States on Library Services for Refugees

Riga, 13 October 2015

We are librarians. We cannot stop all the war, unrest and conflict on our planet. We cannot make up for all the suffering and horror the people who have been forced to leave their homes have had to endure. What we can do is what we do the best – to open the doors of our libraries for everyone.

There are currently 60 million displaced people worldwide. Europe is now facing the biggest humanitarian crisis since the World War II, with more than 4 million Syrian refugees seeking safety abroad.

Lasīt tālāk

Call for interactive sessions, engaging discussions and creative labs

During the 10th Congress of Baltic Librarians “Libraries in communities” and 17th Conference of Latvian Librarians “Dynamic libraries: access, development and transformation” we will allocate time for enganging, interactive and creative sessions, labs and discussions about topical library activities that relates to the main theme of Congress or Conference.

Apply if you have an idea and you are ready to lead an interactive session!

Each session is planned to be 50 minutes long. There will be parallel sessions and conference participants will be able to choose which session to attend. Working language will be English.

Lasīt tālāk

Call for papers for 10th Congress of Baltic Librarians (CoBaL)

We are proud to announce that on October 12-13 the 10th anniversary Congress of Baltic Librarians (CoBaL) will take place in Riga, in the new building of the National Library of Latvia. The main topic of the congress is “Libraries in communities”, and in this framework we will discuss the role of libraries in today’s changing society.

Libraries are taking on more and more new functions, offering innovative services that respond to specific needs in society, often stepping outside the usual framework of library services. This trend has been discussed widely for many times already. But this time we want to take an outside look on libraries, looking at how do libraries and their services look in a wider context of societal changes, how do libraries respond to the social trends identified in the IFLA Trend Report. At the same time we want to hear some examples on how have libraries responded to specific changes in society and introduced innovative programmes and activities.

Lasīt tālāk